#a_MAE_zing connects people beyond the website and blog. Through StoryTimes, the Newsletter, a general social media challenge, and other various endeavors like live videos and community outreach, we are able to do so much more. You can explore the hashtag on all social media to find some of the things our founder has done in the past and see what people are doing to embody Mindset, Actions, and Education.


Virtual StoryTimes began in Fall of 2022. We understand mental health can be a difficult topic to discuss especially with children. Using her title of USA National Miss Indiana 2023, Mae, strives to bridge this gap through accessible and engaging stories. She posts the readings on her social media accounts. You can click the icon above to connect with her and explore previous recordings. If you would like to request a story you can use the contact form to submit your suggestions. 


Launched in 2023, the Newsletter became an easy way to stay in the know with all things aMAEzing! We believe mental health advocacy and awareness starts close to home. Through a subscription, we are able to reach people directly and share valuable information in each edition.  We combine various aspects of this platform all into one virtual newsletter. If this sounds appealing you can subscribe using the button above. We hope you will consider joining our email list. 

The Challenge

We challenge you to share at least one good thing that happens during your week using the hashtag. It can be something small like eating a good meal or a big event like receiving a promotion. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the positive little things to keep our own mental health thriving. We hope you will do this challenge with us until it becomes natural for you to see the small joys in your life! Click the icon above to be lead straight to the hashtag on instagram.