Be Involved

There are so many opportunities to get involved in mental health advocacy, and these are just some organizations that we love. Whether you want to reach out to these established organizations or create your own movement, it starts with choosing your Mindset, Actions, and Education for all. We want everyone to be involved in mental health advocacy.

National Organizations with State-based Chapters are a great first point of contact. Below you will find linked some of the biggest Mental Health Organizations National websites. Feel free to explore their pages and reach out to the chapter closest to you!

National Alliance on Mental Illness

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Mental Health America

Government Agencies are the most direct legislative form of advocacy. Many of these departments are harder to get connected to, but their websites are great for educational purposes to know more about the facts relevant to your state. Some divisions even have advisory boards as a way for the public to directly influence upper tier governmental decisions. These committees can be reserved for professionals in the mental health and addiction career field, or they can be completely open forums.

Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction

Alabama Department of Mental Health

Local Organizations are always looking for volunteers. They can be very specialized, and these organizations are often harder to find from a basic google search however most State Chapters of National Organizations can connect you to the local projects in your region. Also by asking co-workers and friends, you might be surprised by the connections that can be made to organizations that may interest you. If you are particularly interested in cross advocating for people experiencing poverty or youth communities many churches, shelters, and community special interest clubs have shorter length programs dedicated to serving the mental health needs of their inner circles. Additionally, organizations dedicated to empowering people can be an easy way to start advocating for mental health because self-esteem and confidence are key parts of individual mental well-being.

Project Hud;son

Shepherd Community Center

Overall there is a lot of overlap in the mental health field, and many organizations that do not specifically advocate for mental wellness still have sub-sections that do focus on helping those suffering from a mental illness because it is such an important topic in today’s society. We encourage each person to do their research and find organizations whose mission statements ignite a passion within themselves to give back.