Valentine’s Day Celebrations for All

Averi Calder, UA Class of 2022

Valentine’s Day. The day that many look forward to and many others dread. However, even if you are single this Valentines Day, there are still many activities you can do with friends, family, or even yourself to assure you still have a great holiday. In my eyes Valentines is just a day to celebrate love. This can entail any type of love; romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships and even self love. Whether you spend this Valentines with loved ones or treating yourself, I have a list of activities you can do with others or yourself, to get in the spirit and make your day extra special. 

Something that me and my friends like to do together is take time to pamper ourselves. We usually do our nails, put on face masks or make a facial, and put on a hair mask. You could also do anything else that makes you feel good. I like to self tan and do my eyebrows as well because it makes me feel more confident, and I’ve noticed the more confident you are the better you will feel overall. These activities are great because these are things you could go get done if you want to spend a little money, or also things you could just do from home. You could make your own spa night with your friends, or significant other and look up DIY facials and hair masks (there are lots of great ones pinterest), or you could even have your own self care night, put on some calming music or a movie, and just relax. Keeping up with self care is very important and taking some time to yourself, even to just do little things, can make a big difference in regards to your overall mental health. Regardless of whether you decide to have your own self care night or spend the night with others, a little bit of self care is always a great way to treat yourself. 

Another fun way to spend the day is making or ordering some tasty treats. Cooking is a great way to spend quality time with others or spend a relaxing evening with yourself. Cooking requires patience and is an act of creativity; cooking can even raise your own self-confidence, which can help with improving your mental health. If you need any cooking inspiration, Tik Tok is a great place to look. You can type in hashtags in the search bar to easily find recipes, some helpful hashtags when looking for recipes are #foodtiktok #foodtok and #recipesoftiktok. If you are a pasta lover like me I tried making the Tik Tok famous feta pasta and it was delicious! All that the recipe called for was tomatoes, feta, noodles, and your choice of seasoning; so it made for a super easy yet tasty treat! If you’re not in the cooking mood you could order or pick up some valentines themed food. Every year Dominoes makes heart shaped pizzas and Chick-fil-A makes chicken minis in a heart shaped box, which is a really fun way to get in the Valentines spirit.

Lastly, as cliche as it is, a movie night is always enjoyable. You and your significant other, or friends, could spend the day time shopping for some matching pajamas and then come home to enjoy a movie night. And if you want to spend the night alone, no problem, get on your favorite pajamas, then get all cozy and you’re ready to go! Some Valentines classics and also some of my personal favorites include Valentines Day, The Notebook, 50 First Dates, Safe Haven and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Those are movies that could work for everyone because some are rom-coms, and some are tear jerkers. You can go on Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming platforms and look in the Valentines or Romance category. If you don’t have an account for any of those you can always find some good movies on Youtube for free!

Treating yourself is a great way to raise morale for yourself and those around you. Feeling good physically can translate into feeling good mentally. Sometimes you need to sit back and relax for the night and these activities are a great way to do this. If you were feeling down about being alone this year, hopefully this article gave you some ideas of some ways you can enjoy the day. As long as you feel loved this year whether it’s by yourself or others that’s all that matters. 

Thank you Averi for sharing these fantastic suggestions! This is great advice from such a sweet girl!!

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