Seasonal Depression is a Struggle

The leaves are changing, and it is getting colder outside. While this can be a beautiful time, it can also be a time many people dread, including myself. Fall brings about my seasonal depression, and while I have known this to be true for years now, it doesn’t get easier. If you are unfamiliar with seasonal depression, the official name is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD affects millions of people each year, therefore the chance of you or your loved ones experiencing it is high. Seasonal depression can happen anytime the weather changes, however in my case it comes up when it begins to get colder outside. If I am being completely honest this year has been tougher than in the past. There are three main tips I can give with anyone who is struggling with seasonal depression.

1. Be real. Be proactive. Many people do not even known they suffer from seasonal depression. However if you start struggling with your feelings consistently around the same time each year, you should take note of the pattern. I initially did not realize that each Fall I became stressed out, but now I am able to be more proactive. Proactiveness can look like starting medication before you actually start feeling depressed, lightening your load in anticipation of a hard few months, or even picking up more self care habits.

2. Balance your activities and take time for yourself. Do not feel bad if you have to cut back some. I personally have had to be intentional about avoiding burnout. I love being busy, but if I am not at my 100% then I am not able to do as much.

3. Socialize when you can. It can be super easy to isolate yourself when you are feeling down, but it is important to push through. Even if it is just a few hours in small groups, the act of interacting with people can make a difference. I know you cannot always make yourself go out, but some socialization is crucial, especially when you feel alone.

In general, seasonal depression can affect people no matter where they are in life. I hope everyone can embrace their struggles, and take control over their emotions. I know seasonal affective disorder sucks, but I promise it is something you can overcome. Remember to show yourself and others compassion. If you are struggling right now, please know you are not alone. I am here for you, and there are so many resources out there. Please stay connected always.

Thank you for reading this month’s short blog post! Although I do not have a ton to write about SAD, I think is super important that I am honest and real especially on social media. Even those that seem to have it all together do struggle.

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