balance during winter break

Balance During Winter Break

It’s that time of year again. School is out. You just survived yet another brutal finals week. Or maybe you’re just getting tired of the rise and grind of your job. Either way the burnout is at a peak. If you’re lucky enough to get a break for the holidays, there in lies the delicate balance between recovering from burnout and falling into full blown goblin mode.

When I first get a break, I like to let myself decompress and de-stress by taking all the pressure off. This usually looks like binge watching a show and letting myself order the takeout meals I would normally talk myself out of, let myself have a few days to not care what day it is or that the sun is rising as I’m falling asleep. Then I like to indulge in activities I normally wouldn’t have time for like painting, getting together with friends, and baking.

Before I have to go back to school, I try to get myself back into a sort of routine so it’s not too much of a shock to my system. Getting up in the morning, still taking it easy but not just doing nothing all day. Nice stretching sessions, cooking nice meals, and my extensive skin care routine are what help me find a nice groove and get me back into a refreshed mental state so I can gather enough motivation to hit the ground running when I get back to reality.

Whether you like to do nothing or plan a lot of your time with fun activities, remember to take some time this December to reflect back on your accomplishments this year, big and small, and let the people close to you know what they mean to you. Time goes fast, so remember to make good memories and cherish the people who are there for you through it all.

Thank you Nicole for coming in a clutch for this blog post! As we enter break I know that it can be easy to not practice balance since many of us do not have our routines anymore. I think this is a great reminder to take time for yourself, but also build habits to carry you afterwards. Stay tuned for next months post from a licensed therapist!

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